Coding and gaming poems.

Thought this might be fun: Just make a short quip about coding or gaming.

I tried last night to code.
But I couldn’t get the object to explode.
So here’s what I did, I stopped and I quit,
And today it still wont implode.


Errors are gone, and new class is done… ::slight_smile:

Pah, amateurs. Any fule kno that peotry does not haf to ryme, and that makes it more like Offishal Shakespeare:

It does not work and renders black
Fucking fuck
Fuckity fucking fucky fuck
Why does it not work?

Cas :slight_smile:

Too many f**ks. Maybe that’s why? :clue:

;D ;D

I guess that poem is doing what is poetry for


Cheers :wink:

That should mean that great code will cause the devs themselves to shout f**k all the time. Or is it the job of clients? :-\

All it will render is black.
It sounds like an overflow stack.
Why wont it work? I thought LibGDX was a perk,
But I guess I was wrong about that.