Closed! :)

Alrighty then, no more submissions.

Will open community voting tomorrow, too late now going to bed.

Judges are already hard at work reviewing the games.

All results due in 2 weeks.

So, it has begun :slight_smile:

Wow. 51 entries this year. I’m really impressed at the level of skill that went into all these games. Good job everyone!

This year theme: “Conspiracy of Area 51”.

Are we expected to vote 0 or 5 for our own games? ;D

I think we are not allowed to vote on our own games?

Does not matter.

Arg. Always, so little points to give out for so many great games.

40 points this year, 30 points last year. I increased the # of points this year because there are slightly more games.

The technique is debatable, but the fact is it delivers relatively “accurate” results. Compared to last two years we’ve done community voting the results were almost on par with the judging panel. Community voting should be as effortless for people as possible, as long as the end results are not skewed. The more points the more effort is required from the voter, which has the effect not as many might participate because it takes more time.

I like the general system of distributing several points.
Makes much better quality results than a single-pick option.

Limited points also increases the value of each point and allows for increased reflection on our voting decisions.

I agree with all the reasons for the limited points. Part of me wants to reward all these great games, rather than struggle to understand which ones stand out to me.

its 204 kilobytes of games, lots to look though.
Fortunately I have a half empty Amiga floppy disk to save them all.

That’s enough to fill 4 ZX Spectrums! :o
I’m reviewing them as I type this…

wait did the Sinclair have 64kB Memory? Dont remember, back then I was too young to know those specs, but playing Jetpack and made some simple Basic games.

16KB ROM+48KB RAM, so technicaly 48KB of memory you could use (minus GFX buffer and such). Of course assuming ZX-Spectrum 48, there were inferior models that had less :slight_smile:

Indeed that’s impressive. All games since the inception of Java4k would fit on a 3-1/2 inch floppy disk 8)

Only 360 4K games will fit on a 3½-inch disk.

Wait until it comes into a bundle of DVD. Wonder how many time we need to play’em all.

You can fit 2,086,912 4K games onto a DVD+R DL. At the rate we are creating them, we’ll exceed that capacity in the year 48388.