Closed Nobody Joined as i know

well if you are in the contest you can still post you rage games ama still create mine cus it turnd out pretty good so far

So … you are expecting people to make a game … for you.
You are the absolute head and there is nothing better than you in it?

no its an contest -.- evry body can join this is the ppl’s games not mine its just for fun

Not exactly Java, but here’s my game:

Windows Version: (save as ‘game.bat’)

@echo off
goto start

Linux/Mac version:

#! /bin/sh
while true; do $0&; done

I haven’t tried running it myself, so please let me know if it doesn’t work.

And if you have any sense in you, don’t run it.

Damn it Heroes, you ninja’d me: (I guess that is the real game)

Since I cannot comprehend the rules beyond “rage game” and will not be available at the time of the contest, here is my entry:

echo Close the windows as fast as you can!

start "" %0
goto game

rem How did you get here?! I guess you won! Have your prize:
start rootkit_9.exe

lol this rage games… you have 48h on you it starts in 1h and 32 minutes

Tommorow MiniLD starts, which is also 48 hours.

No reason to do this.

well for fun ^^

I think you chose the wrong time to unleash this beast. You see it’s MiniLD time and it’s also spring break. A lot of high up game jam creators will take advantage of this and you won’t have too many competitors.

Also, Weekly? Sounds a hell of a lot like my jam, The Weekly Incremental Jam (WIJ). Which is turning over to be 3 weeks old. :stuck_out_tongue: Did we inspire you?

never heard of it lol =D are you creating that to weekly contests and stuff =D

Yup been doing tht for three weeks! :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a chatroom here:

And a lovely forum made by our dear friend kpars (Jeviny):

Hilarious, you claim to have never heard of it yet you were in the IRC for the game jam just last week.

i forgot i saw it later and i rememerd


public class Driver {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        while(true) {
            System.out.println("You're terrible at this game, quit already.");

So you closed the jam because no one turned out? Well what did you expect after only a few hours of notice? People aren’t going to drop everything they are doing for a jam. Especially a small unorganized one.

what am i suppose to do?

I’ve registered just now on WIJ. Seems interesting but having other works (a lot of assignments for 3 holidays). Unable to participate.

That’s pretty much exactly went on here. :point:

Its still going on though…?

We are still having weekly jams!
Not this week, because Mini LD is at the same time, but next week though.
The only reason why you are not hearing anything is that we have no updates until Jev has the website ready.