Chrono Cup released!

Chrono Cup has now been officually released at

It’s a 2-player split-screen FPS-style game, and a remake of Quantum League.

The rules: there are 3 phases. In the first phase, you move around and shoot your opponent. In the second phase, you move around, and an “echo” replays your moves from the previous phase. Then in the third phase, there are two “echos” replaying your previous phases’ moves. The winner is the player who was last on the central point by the end of the 3rd phase.

If you or one of your echos is “killed”, they don’t die but their bullets become ineffective and they can’t claim the point. However, if in a later round you can kill the player that killed your echo, they won’t die and will be effective in later rounds.

I’m afraid the graphics are a bit ropey, but the gameplay is all there.

Gameplay video:-


Source code is also available at