Chosen Judges

Attention judges! If your name is listed below, you will PMed with instructions on how to vote for the games.

We’re going for a cut-and-dry rate a game 0-100 and leave a brutally honest comment.

judges for this year:


please reply to this thread so I know you truly are judging, then I will PM you. judging is scheduled to start tomorrow

I have also recruited another judge that doesn’t visit these boards. His name is Tim, he’s a straight-up gamer and doesnt care about technology by any stretch of imagination. :wink: I might even recruit one more pure gamer if I can find one at work or something.

edit: just recruited a guy that I used to work with. another gamer, he doesnt really care about the technology at all. This gives us 6 judges. 4 are techs/gamers, 2 are straight-up gamers. fair enough?

Wow, nonnus29 has a two for one special today! ;D

lol, oops :slight_smile:

Seems fair to me.


Sounds good to me. Let the judging begin! :slight_smile:

I’m ready!

Alright, count me in ;D

I’m honored to be chosen as a judge. Doubly honored to be chosen TWICE. This is NOT a duty I take lightly so I pledge to be even handed in my judging duty.

Wait a minute this is going to be tough… :o


Edit; Yep, this is going to be hard, there are some really outstanding games entered this year.

Can we give a technical rating as well?

give it in your comment, lol.

I’ve just finished scripting the voting page so I’ll be PMing you all tomorrow with your login information. Make sure you take your time with this, you know, it might be good to really play each game. Don’t try to vote for all 55 in one day, because the last votes may be just out of exhaustion :wink:

Sounds good. :o Wow, so many games to play…

hey mlk, wanna judge? you didnt participate or anything, plus you started the contest for the past few years :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry I missed the submitting date, I’ve played all games and I’m voting tonight if I’m too late its ok.

I just started a new job and I’m kinda wrapping up old projects and trying to get up to speed with the new ones. I didn’t have much free time let alone sleep, I could have made the date but then I wouldn’t have had a good look at the games which wouldn’t be doing the developers justice.

oi can’t login anymore gues I was too late.

Try to contact woogley through a PM or ICQ. If you really have played all the games enough to judge them I think it would be a sad thing to loose your contribution. Malohkan still has 1 more game to judge so if you are ready to vote for them all you aren’t even last to finish.