Hello All,

I’ve been working on an entry for the 4k comp. Could you have a look and let me know what you think. All ideas are appreciated.

arrow keys -> move
ctrl -> fire
space -> bomb

The aim is to get the highest score you can before you die :smiley:

Known issues:
No restart
Nothing to bomb :wink: (intend to have tanks if I cand get it small enough)

Thanks in advance,

Crikey, Dan posted a game!


Runs fine on windows. Nice start! :slight_smile:


The heli and the mountains looks very good.

Well done :slight_smile:

Fun. But no restart button. But you know this.

Thanks for trying it.

I’ve added restart.

now to do tanks…


Ok Tanks are in there.

But they need tweeking a little ;). You’ll see what I mean if you bomb them at the moment.


if tanks are close to one another they will chain reaction when you bomb them ;).

all the initial features I intended are in there now. All feed back is appreciated.

I’ve changes the keys slightly:
ARROW to move
CRTL to shoot
SHIFT to bomb
SPACE to restart

Hope you enjoy,


Very nice! Great scrolling background. Nice coloring. Controls are nice and tight.

Suggestions -

  • Make some sort of obstacles in the foreground: Mountains, birds, telephone poles, etc

  • Don’t make space restart the game. Show the main menu with highscore, so you know if you beat it or not.

  • Clouds maybe?

  • Levels? The higher the level the more things there are or maybe the more they shoot. Levels could be survive for 30 seconds or a certain number of hits.

  • Different point values for aircraft vs tanks

Swell job!

Dr. A>

Cheers :),

Thanks for the input.

I’ll have a think about the obsticles idea see what I can come up with.

I’m not quite sure howI would do persistant high scores but with in a session could be stored.

I didn’t really think about putting levels in, what happens is that as time goes on the following happens (maybe it changes too slowly?):

more planes are created in one go (up to 8)
the waves of planes happen more often
tanks appear more often
the max time between shots on enemies is lowered

the idea being that the longer you survive while killing things the higher the score. I did wonder about subtracting points if things “get away” to give an incentive to kill as many as possible instaed of just avoiding them.

I’ll put diffenet points in. which should be higher? planes?


So, is it 4k still? Do we have levels yet? Whats going on! ;D

Seems to be the same on webstart?


Runs fine on Mac.

What about a bit of inertia in the movements ?
And parabollic bombing ?



I’ve not had chance to change it yet ;D

It should be under 4k ??? even the webstart.

I think I’ll have a look at putting proper "waves in as you suggested.

Apart from just making it more frantic I’m not sure how to make it harder on a level by level basis.

Excellent! thanks for the mac testing :wink:

not sure about inertia I was going for old school arcade/amiga feel to it…

parabollic bombing do you mean lob the bombs out of the front and then they arc down due to g?

I’ll try and get some imporvements in but I’m busy this weekend. I’m also itching to try and get something else done :wink: One idea i had was to do somthing similar but your a submarine. Other subs come at you fireing torpedo’s and shipd on the surface drop depth charges where the explosion radius gets you. It’s a bit too close to this one though.

When do these things have to be submitted?

edit typo

What about a bit of inertia in the movements ?

99.9% of the shoot em ups are fine without inertia (they all have just some tilting animation, but that’s it) :wink:


When do these things have to be submitted?

Deadline is end of feb.

inertia : just 3-5 pixels would be enough (adds “smoothness”) … but it’s a personal taste.

parabollic (initial speed and g effect) : adds a little difficulty…



----------- ouch !


Nice work! I found the ‘death from above’ strategy to be most effective…