Cats Outernet!

Hi guys! I always wanted to join to this forum but first, I had to finish a game in order to understand what are you talking about!
Now, I’ve finished my first (and simple) game, Cats Outernet, FREE for Android devices, thanks to the framework of “Beginning Android Games” from Mario Zechner! You can try it here:

[i]It’s the end of the world, kitties have managed to escape from the Internet, RETURN THEM TO THE PLACE THEY SHOULD HAVE NEVER LEFT!.

  1. Touch a cat until it’s stunned.
  2. Once it’s stunned, drag it towards the vortex before it recovers.

But hurry up!, if too many cats manage to escape to the real world… game over.[/i]

I hope you enjoy the game. English isn’t my native language, I’m Spanish but I’ll do my best for participate in the forum!