Hi, I haven’t done anything for some time, which made me feel irritated enough to push myself to do this: Caster2014k, a WIP of my Java4k entry for this year.
I know, it is ray caster again, but now with lights and pyramids ;). I’m aiming for a tower defends game-play.
Right now you can spawn two types of entities which will fight against each other (keys 1 and 2) and test lighting (SPACE key).

You can try the work in progress version here.
Any comments or critique are appreciated.

I like the lighting effects, well done for a 4k game!

One big improvement would be mouse look (you can still constrain the view to a plane, so only the x axis of mouse does anything). Maybe I’m just not used to it, but using the keys to turn feels really annoying to me.

I hope you manage to fit it all into 4k once you add more TD features :slight_smile:

I agree, the lighting effects are pretty nice :slight_smile: good work!