Cargo Carry

Hi Everyone,

I’ve finally managed to release my second game on Android, written in Java and using the AndEngine and box2d.

Its been about a year in development, and that has very much been part time work, but its finally at a stage where I can release it to the public. It is a take on the popular ‘Endless Runner’ genre and I’ve tried to add my own twist of balancing cargo in your vehicle whilst still not running out of fuel etc.
All the programming and graphics were done by myself with the sound and music coming from various other places (see the credits in the game for links).

I would really appreciate it if you can give it a try (it’s free to play) and if you like it of course a rating would be great.

Also, if you have any questions about any of the implementation, just let me know.

Thanks a lot.

Store Link :

Here are some screenie’s (hopefully I’ll get a video finished soon):

It looks so nice!I will test it out on my LG Optimus L7 and give you feedback when I played it a lot :slight_smile:

I would love to give this a go, but unfortunately i have iphone :frowning:

AndEngine? Get the torches guys!

Just kidding. This game is pretty awesome and has a nice, polished look to it. Keep us updated if this thing makes you filthy rich. ;D

The game makes a lot of fun and I like the Graphics :).I always lose my Cargo :smiley:

And I was thinking, i made cool graphics for my endless runner >:(
I just downloaded Cargo Carry - looks really great, works smooth. One person work! Impressive :slight_smile:
Its not easy, but I hope it’s a matter of practice. I will for sure try to unlock other levels later. For now I cant pass hill at arround 650m :wink:
Solid game!

the game looks great so far, it seems to be quite similar to hill climb racing. Just keep it in mind to not get in trouble because of copyright-infringements.
Two little “bugs” shown up while playing, sometimes the paper was already fallen down at start, secondly the game starts lagging after playing 5 minutes. I played it on s1, so maybe it’s just because of my phone.
All in all fancy graphics and sound, keep up good work :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all the nice comments, and I am glad that most people seem to enjoy the game!

As mentioned in the first post, I have just finished a promotional video for the game as well which you can check out here:

Unfortunately, making videos isn’t half as much fun as making the games themselves and I found myself rushing just to get something finished, even if the results aren’t the best.
I may try again and make a video on the coming weekend, but again, any comments and critique/ideas are welcome.


Downloaded this last night, pretty solid.

I love this type of game on my phone. I’m a huge fan of hill climb racing because it’s simplicity lends well to casual gameplay and it has tons of upgrades. However it doesn’t have much in the way of ‘stunts.’ pretty much just forward and backwards flip. (I can’t believe I don’t get style points for wheelies! ^_-)

Cargo Carry not only has everything HCR has but adds:
Fricking stunts (thank you)
The extra complexity of making sure your cargo survives.

Some feedback from my initial experiences.
I’ve still only got the beginner car but it’s little motor sound dissapears around 230m. It’s probably more related to time but I haven’t had the gumption to get out a stopwatch.
I too have hit the bug where I start a level and watch a paper drop behind my head.
Right off the bat it seems a little too easy to flip over. I understand once I upgrade the engine I should be able to drive out from under myself but it seems like early on maybe on a flat surface that should be hard.

Running this on a Galaxy S4.

I will add more once I’ve played it for longer. Nice work!

Philbedy, it’s also pretty similar to Zombie Road Trip (which has an even worse ‘tricks’ system than HCR,) the Ciclomaniacs series and a number of others. They all are. I will concur, however, that the resemblance to HCR is much stronger since all the menus are laid out the same way.

The car select menu is way too sensitive on my Galaxy S II. Same goes for all similar menus in the game. Nice polished game, though. :slight_smile: