Card game

I’m thinking to start with a small card game ( mobile and desktop ) and I’ve choosed to use libgdx.

Do you know any opensource implementation of a card game with following features:

  • basic loop done: main screen, start game, end/win screen
  • basic ui done with buttons, card selections and so on…
  • animations: move cards from deck to hand and to hand to game board

Imagine something like “hearthstone” loop: draw first X cards, move from deck to hand, then play it and so on.

I’ve tried to start again and again but get lost on motivation on animation/ui side, so I’m looking for some examples to get “kickstarted” and try to do something

I don’t know if this will help, but I recall the book “Android Game Programming for Dummies” by James Harbour has code for the card game Crazy Eights. It’s been a long time since I looked at this (I think I still have it running on an old cell phone), but there are some simple animations that it might be possible to make use of. Android coding is different from Java in many ways, but especially back then it did rely on Java for quite a bit. The website for the book may have code posted that you could download and check out.

Found it. On this page.

If that isn’t helpful, please just ask more questions here! As long as you keep it simple (one step at a time) I’m sure you’ll get some great ideas and advice. We used to have many more people at the starting gate (all the old-time members had to take their first steps). So there’s a lot of info on game loops and the like. But it does add to the difficulty when you have to sort out what is current or not. It’s good to have a fresh look and new set of replies to consult.