Captain on the Bridge [Indiegogo]

Captain on the Bridge is an sci-fi action/adventure/strategy/rpg game that I’ve been working on for three years in my spare time. It started as a simple strategy game, but eventually evolved into a bit more ambitious project, that I’m currently trying to raise funding for on Indiegogo in order to start working on it full-time. I’m developing the game for Windows, Linux and Mac, using LibGDX with Box2D.

There are multiple different elements in the game:

  • Adventuring/quest-solving, with inventory-puzzles and ability to talk by typing
  • Real-time dogfights between big spaceships
  • Turn-based tactical battles between small space fighters
  • Real-time close combat shooting inside ships and structures
  • Turn-based strategic ground battles on planets
  • Plenty of things to upgrade and customize. Player’s ship, for example, can be designed from scratch

There is no playable demo version yet, but you’ll find more details and videos on the game’s Indiegogo campaign page:

Some images:

Please feel free to comment :slight_smile:

Holy hell that’s a polished piece of work, are you sure you’re doing enough promotion for your crowdfunding campaign?

Searching for the games title + “reddit” gives me no results. Searching for the games title + “game” gives me no results except the indigogo campaign itself and some crowdfunding-booster-ripoff-site. You’re gonna drive this thing against the wall if you don’t get more eyes on it quickly.

You could upload some GIFs or MP4s on Imgur, the users there love quirky stuff with explosions like your game delivers, small intense combat videos or weird shit like the “alien” in the intro could do really well on there, if it goes noticed you’ll get lots of views. Reddit has probably multiple relevant subreddits for you too.

I have to admit I am very bad at promoting. I love creating stuff in games, but when it comes to promotion ideas, my mind just goes blank. Thank you for the tips, I’ll surely them out!

Hey man, great work! I can recommoned this video. I think its great maybe it does help you somehow: