captain failure

this is my first real game that’s actually getting anywhere.
it is my attempt at replicating a game called captain forever

it can be downloaded at

WASD to move and turn, click and drag with the mouse to attach modules to the red command module, space to fire.
I have not yet added physics.


My impression is, I really frustated to attach a module :frowning:

do you really use blue as IDE’s bg-color?

sorry about that. after i figures out how to attach models programattically, i just wrote some crap code to attach by dragging.

yes I do use blue as my BG color. and red,green,orange,yellow, and cyan as my other colors.

How about auto attach? as soon as the green module collides the red one, it’ll adjust itself and place it according relative position to red.

blocks randomly sticking would be very bad when i add physics.

FYI - you can take a screenshot of just your game’s window via Ctrl+Alt+PrintScreen.

I have finally started adding physics. hope to have a demo soon.

Captain Forever is a real fun game - so simple and yet so many possibilities and also interesting tactical possibilities! Nice to see that someone ported it to Java :).

I also thought to do something with the concept of creating modifyable spacecrafts. Maybe in the next LD!

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

The download link is broken :frowning:

The download link is broken :frowning:

i’ll have to put a new one up once the game’s not broken anymore.

i’ll have to put a new one up once the game’s not broken anymore.