[canvas issue] Has anyone seen this problem?

My friends recently showed me a bug that shows up for his android. He owns the Sprint Photon and the game runs off of the Canvas library. Here’s what it looks like:

Any thoughts? I’d like to patch this up for future games.

Well, it seems like his screen dimensions or aspect ratio are different from the dimensions you programmed for. The game I’m working on was made to fit perfectly on a 480x320 screen, but on an 800x480 screen, there is some blank space on the edge.
You can fix this by offsetting the bitmap’s position to make the blank space equal on both sides. You could also try scaling the bitmap (not recommended).

It’s more than just blank space; it’s dead space (pun not intended). The physical touch event doesn’t even work in that area. The rendered background moves appears much further down on other devices.