Can we have the Categories page as landing page, please?

I’m always confused where to go until I remember that there is the Categories page (accessible through the menu on the top right). Would be nice to have it as the main landing page, if that’s technically possible. It also looks much cleaner, I think, and gives you a better overview of what you can expect from the forum.

What’s your opinion on it?

I’m glad you asked this, as I find landing on the Latest page a little disorienting too. Maybe it’s because I’m an old-timer used to the previous JGO site.

So, you got me to do a quick look around, and I found a way you can set your landing page:

  • Click your Avatar/Icon in the top right corner.
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Interface
  • The third drop down is Default Home Page where you can select Categories

Also worth noting: on the top left of the home page (get there by clicking the JGO logo), next to the Categories drop-down, there are four pages that are a simple click away: Latest, New, Top, and Categories.


Categories page looks much more content rich and professional and because of that, it would be more effective to welcome new users.

When you imagine a user searching for “java + gaming + development”, he is most likely not so much interested in the latest comments, but more into an answer to: “what does this forum offer in regards to my search terms?”.

Apologies for not being clear, but that’s what I actually intended to get across.

I like this suggestion.
@abcdef What do you think?

I’m happy for you to make changes, do you have permission to change things?

Why do you think having categories as the main page is best? We don’t have that much traffic so just having the latest topics seems to work

There are a number of other sites that have had the same discussion and opted for “Categories” as the default home page. I suggest we try it, and if it doesn’t work we can always go back.

Some reasoning:

  • Those wanting “Latest” will tend to be savvier than newcomers, and can more easily navigate the task of customizing their login settings.

  • The “Categories” view also shows latest posts on the right side, just not as many or prominently as the “Latest” view.

I don’t have the capability of editing or re-ordering categories. I assume this is an Admin function. I have “Moderator” status. We were previously discussing some minor category changes. Having Admin status would allow me to follow through on that as well.

Done. Let’s see how this works out.