Can Java/LibGdx support a twin USB gamepad?

I am in the process of building an arcade cabinet for my game. Doing so, I purchased joystick button set that is designed for two players. However, I was just going to use one set because it’s a one player game. So here is the problem: Both players joystick and buttons all connect to a single motherboard, which connects to the computer via one USB cable, so it’s essentially shooting all the information for two controllers down to one input. LibGDX can pick this up as a “Twin USB Gamepad”, but it can’t register any buttons or joysticks. Am I correct in thinking that Java just doesn’t know what to do in this situation? I can’t really find anything on Google or StackOverflow about a twin gamepad and incorporating that into the game.

I ended up just buying another one that only supports one player and that works like a charm, I just want to know if the twin usb gamepad thing is even possible to do.

Which joystick do you have? I have an arcade board setup too and it’s all driven as keyboard keys so I just configure the keys via a program

The twin USB is this twin USB

And the single player one is this Single player USB

Mine’s set up so it will either pick up keyboard/mouse, xbox controller, ps controller, logitech controller, or the “arcade” version and set the controller up accordingly.