Call to users of OBJLoader


This is a request to anyone who uses the current OBJLoader. Do you have problems with it concerning textures? Hawkwind reported, that textures are not properly loaded. Unfortunately I cannot really reproduce it, since I couldn’t find any OBJ file on the net with correct texture coordinates AND a working mtl file. And I wasn’t able to export it correctly from blender and ArtOfIllusion is god dammed shit (and I am too stupid to work with shit ;)).

Finally I found a model on this page (the cage model), which has correct texture coordinates, but no mtl file. So I loaded the model regulary and applied the textures by hand. Everything looked ok. But it still is no realistic test, if the texture is not loaded by the OBJLoader itself. I can just suspect, that it would work, if I had a working mtl and the necessary links in the obj file.

Could please anyone test ti and tell me, if the loader is ok or not? This help would really be appreciated.


try the following…sorry it took so long life has been perplexing recently.
this zip contain an square obj, a mtl file and a white and black grid texture

Thanks. Will try it tomorrow.

The OBJLoader is now completely working.