Caelum Engine

Thanks go to Spacebeans for the banner

The Caelum Engine is, in a nutshell, my attempt at making a game engine. Its goal is to support:

  • Any dimension (2D, 3D, both)
  • Most any internal architecture design
  • Any type of game (FPS, RTS, w/e)
  • On any platform (Android, PCs, others)

Currently it is a heavy WIP, and not yet usable for developing a game, but it’ll get there.

Planned features include (For now):

  • Rendering (2D, 3D, with lighting)
  • Physics (2D, 3D, perhaps with Box2D and/or JBullet support)
  • Input (Mouse, keyboard, with room for more)
  • Sound
  • Networking
  • Pretty much anything else a game needs :stuck_out_tongue:

My current To-do list currently consists of:

  • Properly integrating the asset system into the rest of the engine
  • Implementing proper model support
  • Writing a JBullet port; Will mostly consist of refactoring it to use Caelum’s math package
  • Implementing lighting

You can find its GitHub repo right here
There is now an IRC channel: #caelumengine at EsperNet

Documentation, tutorials, etc. are coming soon, so feedback is important.