C++ standard library is really lacking - good or bad?

I decided to get back into C++ (this is possibly my third of fourth time trying to get past the initial learning curve of the language), and so I decided to make a small program that has to deal with reading files. The program basically opens a file, reads the lines and then compares some strings against the strings in the file. Simple really, it wasn’t very hard to code, but I ran into a couple of issues. Namely:

-Next to no string operations. IE: no splitting, no trimming etc…

And that was my biggest issue. Why trimming? I accidentally saved the file containing the strings with an extra space added onto the end of one line. When the program checked to see if the two strings were a match, the stream saw a space and said that the strings didn’t match, which is fine. So I looked into string operations, and look at that, C++ pretty much includes nothing besides the very basic stuff. Maybe I’m spoiled by how “complete” the Java library is, or maybe C++ tries to take a different approach to it’s internal libraries, but I find it very inconvenient not to have basic functionality such as this just built in. Thoughts?