BWGJ - BiWeekly Weekend Game Jam


Allot of people on this forum love to program games (who knew right?). So I’m proposing a game jam that happens every second week, on the weekend.

Some details:

  • Starts on March 14th @ 12:00AM UTC to March 16 @ 12:00AM UTC
  • Games will encapsulate a game mechanic such as ‘top down shooter’, or something more open like ‘running’
  • Games can be made however you want, as long as they’re games.
  • This thread is reserved for reminders of the game jam starting, for people to announce if they’re joining or not, and also to post their progress
  • Discussions about the jam/mechanics can go on irc://

I am definitely going to try to do this :slight_smile:

I just wrote up a nice encapsulation of OpenGL that I have been looking for an excuse to make a project with while also limiting the scope of the project.

I’m in!! This is definitely a chance for me to prove SilenceEngine!!

Jam starts in a week! Just 4 more days!

The theme is “Micro Managment”, sorry I could not join. My robotics team & I are at a competition…

Four more days? March 14 is tomorrow here, right now (March 13 2:57 PM). I also didn’t understand the theme, what is “Micro Management”? Should we make games that involves micro organisms?