Business and Project Management Discussions board rules

In light of the many posts in this topic that have lwjgl developers trying to work with libgdx developers, new game developers trying to recruit a team for a MMORPG, etc., I think a rules post should be in order.

Rules for the Business/Project Management Discussions board

  • Post what libraries, engines, and languages you are familiar with.
  • If you are looking for a team, provide information of what skills/type of people you are looking for.
  • If you have a specific game idea already in mind, provide information about what it will be about, written in, etc.
  • Do not post in this board if you are a newbie to Java or Game Development.
  • Consider the practicality of your project and then post.

I doubt anyone will actually read this, but it’ll be useful to link people to.

Read and Approved it. I found that i had to orientation about how to post that. Thankfully we now have a place to look into!

Good :wink:

If you feel anything should be added to or removed from the rules, post here.


At least if it’s written in the rules it will stop newbies calling me a troll every time I say “people who have never programmed a game before can’t make an MMORPG”.

Just for the record, i never said that :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t you. I have been stomping on poorly organised beginner MMORPG projects for a while. :wink: (See this, this, and a few others I can’t find)

On particularly annoying one called me a troll for saying something completely reasonable, and the topic ended with a flame war.

well you have to let them start somewhere. they have to recognize what failures are and what successes are and the needs for both. so in my point of view, its better to try than not

Sadly, very few people learn from other people’s mistakes.

Others believe it’s actually good to make the same mistake everybody else has already made. I don’t agree. In my opinion it’s a huge waste of time, in which you could have learnt how to succeed, as opposed to how to fail.

The reason people don’t learn from others’ mistakes is because they think that they are better than them, and so they think they won’t make the same mistake.

The reality is, that if you think that, you have made an even bigger mistake than the first person to make the mistake.

Failure and stupidity are more common than most people would like to believe, and if you disagree, you most likely have helped me to prove my point.

I agree!

People have to have at least some form of self experience to realize what they’re doing.

The problem is not them wasting their time.

The problem is dragging in other beginners, who may know better, and wasting their time.

Err, you cant go around ruining people dreams.

More like preventing them from spending years on a project they can’t accomplish. The most common project like this, the MMORPG, requires tons of money for servers and time to develop the multiplayer.