Bunny Press by Notch Revived

Hello everybody! I surfed the internet at 2009 from the wayback machine, and i got Bunny Press game made by Notch, there is no actual link to play the game because of the date and is a lost gem.

So i choose to revive it for all of us!

Here’s the link: https://github.com/tyxefield/Bunny-Press-by-Notch

[b]The game still have the source and original files, along with the license and devlog.
I did some changes so you guys can play it by running the jar file.

Have fun!

PD: As said in the repository, the game is not made by me but Markus Persson Notch, i just worked to recover this game for the community.
I don’t know if this is the exact topic for this, thank you all and please let me know if works correctly :][/b]

HERE is the original post on LudumDare Compo.