Bunny Press by Notch Revived

Hello everybody! I surfed the internet at 2009 from the wayback machine, and i got Bunny Press game made by Notch, there is no actual link to play the game because of the date and is a lost gem.

So i choose to revive it for all of us!

Here’s the link: https://github.com/tyxefield/Bunny-Press-by-Notch

[b]The game still have the source and original files, along with the license and devlog.
I did some changes so you guys can play it by running the jar file.

Have fun!

PD: As said in the repository, the game is not made by me but Markus Persson Notch, i just worked to recover this game for the community.
I don’t know if this is the exact topic for this, thank you all and please let me know if works correctly :][/b]

HERE is the original post on LudumDare Compo.

Thanks, that’s pretty cool.

Notch always seemed very hesitant to release his source code, even for smaller projects.

I would be too because I know a lot of my stuff is coded “wrong”. Especially for smaller quick projects. I have been trying to make people look at my source code for my current game to make it better, but I think the project is just too large to figure out what’s going on. But shit, I’ll code crap if it would make me a few million dollars and let you all see it!

I just had a question about the “make it better” thing. If your game allows modding and what not, is there a chance that someone mods the game, and the dev says, “wow, that’s better than what I did”?

[quote]is there a chance that someone mods the game, and the dev says, “wow, that’s better than what I did”?
Most of the time games that are so badly broken that modders rework the engine will not see any updates anymore. The devs may see the mods but they won’t be able to integrate these improvements anyway since the project is dead and development ceased already.

The prime example for this is the STALKER series IMHO, a rough diamond that has been polished to entirely new levels by the fan base. There is even an open source rebuild of the engine: https://github.com/OpenXRay/xray-16 It’s absolutely crazy to what lengths people go to make this game better.

That is the worst case though, there are also devs that integrate community content/improvements, especially with games with a longer lifecycle.

My pleasure! I know that Notch might be not alright at all with making this playable again with the same source and etc, cause there’s things i spot myself included that where baddly coded, however i love the way the game is done, is so cool and kinda original and having this here again to play motivates me like hell.

This game here is called Potats, it was one of my seriously done games on the past, but i never finished it, there is, waiting to be polished again, and that’s cause i was learning and decided to keep up with new stuff like webGL 2, and improving myself, one day, who knows when will be, i’ll finish it finally

It is rough sometimes. But we do things in the past that mark us for the future, have a great day guys ;D

I think there are many good reasons to open-source your software, regardless of quality:-

  • other devs can learn from it
  • Other devs can contribute and improve it
  • Other devs can use it as a starting point for their own project

I think the only reason to NOT opn en source it is if you’re going to try and sell it. But most if not all of us rely on open source software to get anything done, e.g. LibGDX, jMonkeyEngine, LWJGL etc…

(FWIW, I recently had a look at Shattered Pixel Dungeon source the other day. IMHO it’s a great project, but the source is all over the place).

Thanks a lot for the source ! I’ll take a look later :slight_smile: