Bunnies in the Clouds

A shameless homage to Ferry Halim’s Orisinal;


Bunnies in the Clouds

Hope you enjoy it, it’s less of a game, more of an excuse to listen to some jolly nice music…

This was super fun, though I wasn’t sure where the bending came in :slight_smile:


It’s strangely entertaining… I liked the duke bird and it does take some serious bunny tower bending to reach past the first carrot so I suppose that should qualify ;D

True… what was I bending, anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

But it was fun, I think the rabbits landing on each others’ heads could have been a bit more forgiving, though.

feels good playing it … it does feel like an Orisinal game :wink:
Good work !

Feels incredibly arbitrary a) whether it accepts mouse-clicks; b) whether a bunny sticks or keeps falling.

Wow,…a good feeling with that! With the music feeling like also fly on such a pink cloud… GJ

Even with the soothing music, I was like “common bunnies… get up there!” Great fun!

thumbed up !!

nice idea
nice sound
start fine and fast
humour : I like the flying duke in the backgroung with that music :slight_smile: