Bumpy Boi ! An awesome android Libgdx game !

Bumpy boi is a platformer for android !


This is a game has been extremly polished in order to offer one of the best platforming experience available on android.

Featuring puzzles, high speed, leaderboards, a large amount of playable characters, each with it’s unique playstyle… and more !

Try this revisited genre, available in the play store here -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.guillaumebattez.jumpinggame

Love how smooth the animation and how much you feel the weight of everything!
Think it needs a bit more publicity because it looks very polished. ;D

Good job man keep it up!

I just gave your game a go and I do agree that the gameplay is very polished, it feels great popping the “coins” with all the powerups and stuff.
I was impressed when the music started playing matching my power up.

That said, I still think you could improve in some aspects.

Firstly, before I even get the chance to play the game it already asks me to connect to google Play Games, while asking for access to my files on Google Drive ?? that’s a lot to ask from a new player that has no idea if he will even enjoy your game ! Huge barrier there, needless to say I didn’t permit access to my google drive.

I think the interface is confusing, When selecting the character I couldn’t tell why I could pick some and why I couldn’t pick others. I did click the diamond but only later I understood that I was unlocking them (it was not clear before that they were locked, they looked pretty available to me).

On a Technical note, everytime I leave the game then go back to it the fonts are screwed up. They appear only as black squares:


I think this used to happen to me when i was storing BitmapFont objects in static members. You should not use static members to store libgdx disposable assets.

Lastly, I honestly think you should hire an artist. I really think your game feels great, but for me it just doesn’t come out as a commercial game with the current art. I can’t feel anything towards the Balls. I am not willing to spend real money on a slightly different… ball. They’re cute, yes, but just imagine that Angry birds were “Angry Balls” and their enemies are the evil squares. You see what I mean ?
Balls and squares do work when your approach is something minimalistic/geometric and all your game follows the same aesthetics. But in your case it feels like a Popcap game … but it doesn’t look like one. So something just doesn’t fit.
I hope you see this as constructive criticism because I was really impressed with how the game felt.

Anyway good work, and good luck !

@Dregron : thanks ! glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

@teletubo : thanks for all of your valuable points ! i’ll consider each of them
edit: the game should just have requested the google drive appdata folder access, so that it could save your game state in the cloud in case you switch phone