Building RPG-like Tile-based Game

Hi guys,

I am currently working by myself on building a tile-based RPG-like game using Eclipse+LibGDX. I was looking for some people to help me building this game to reach the level I am looking for.
If you are interested please let me know and we can start working together.
This project is very organised and I totally know what we need to reach and it is broken into small portions so you will not just go in a messy environment that will hold you from giving your best as well as enjoying seeing something being built from scratch to reach awesome levels.

The links below show how it started and what I reached until now:


Screenshots of latest version:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions, recommendations, know of any people interested in this work, etc…

Some Screenshots would be nice

Some screenshots were added as requested.

Well i downloaded it to try it myself. I found some big bugs but it seems like its a good “Base” to work with.

Do you host your Sources in a Repository (like git)?

Well, it surely has a lot of bugs, I consider this about 0.01% of what I am planning to accomplish ;D

Currently the code is hosted on my laptop, I am looking for team members so we then can arrange where the code shall be hosted.

Eventually it is pretty difficult to get people to volunteer nowadays :-\

It always has been. Read this thread in its entirety. There are some generally applicable comments in there which could probably be reworked into an FAQ at some point.