BubbleRacer4k - real time raytracing

…well, real time can be achieved on high end PCs (3Ghz at least).

This is a collect-the-bubbles-as-fast-as-possible game.

new version with ultra low resolution

Please read the game instructions here : http://www.woogley.net/j4k/bubbleracer4k/

I really enjoyed myself writing this small game. Hope you’ll like it.

Any comments are welcome :wink:


Here is a FAKE screenshot (the game uses a 4 times smaller resolution):


The framerate is 0.0 on my 500mhz machine :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy monkeybladders! Nice job. =)
I got around 3-4 fps.

Sometimes it seems to ignore the spheres when I pass over them… possibly related to the low fps. =/

[quote]The framerate is 0.0 on my 500mhz machine :stuck_out_tongue:
Same here - totally frozen.

And that was on a 2gig Athlon XP

Cool technology :slight_smile:
5 fps on Celeron2.4ghz+GeF2

What if you rendered it to a bufferedimage and than scaled up with SCALE_SMOOTH or something?.

And the app does not seem to quit, the javaw stays in task manager at 99%cpu.

Press the SPACE bar to start !!!

I’ll release in a few minutes a 4 times faster (and uglier) version for those with prehistoric motherboards.

and i can’t smooth the image because of the 4k wall


very cool ! I get about the same framerate as above, 1.4g p4 but I can’t complain, RTRT in 4k, Nice !


I get 0 frames per second, and I can’t go anywhere. :frowning:

I have added a new lowRes version.

don’t forget to hit the space bar to start.


Mine was semi-playable, but I couldn’t find any FPS counter. It also seemed as if often times I’d go right through bubbles when I think I’m supposed to absorb them. Turn controls seemed very lagged too.

Missing the blue bubbles is due to low fps… couldn’t interpolate position for collision testing…

With 15 fps, you don’t miss any bubble.

By the way, with LowRes version, I have 25 fps on my PC

And the FPS counter is the second number on the window title…


4 FPS on normal mode
9 FPS on lowRes mode.

ATI Radeon 9200. 2.26Ghz p4.

Btw, very cool!


7-8 fps with the low res version.

I get a whopping 2.2 fps MAX. :frowning: If only it could run through the GPU.

On the topic of realtime raytracing, here is an interesting link:


There used to be several Java RT raytracers, but they all seem to be dead. :frowning:

i get 5.7fps in normal mode and 8.9fps in the low res one on full speed close to the sphere… p4 2.4 1024mb ram radeon9800pro128

~5 fps on my home pc (amd xp3200+)

7 fps for the normal game…


A not-so-impressive 7fps here too on the normal game,
this was on an Athlon64 3000+ with Geforce 6800GT.

It was stuttery too, inconsistent framerate.

The ray tracer that was entered last year (I forget by whom) performed alot better.

Really impressive!

Realtime raytracing

But at <10fps it will miss a lot of playability. I’d say drop the 4K limit. If you can get a fun RTRT game in java you’ll get more attention than winning the 4K compo I’d guess.

Not so thrilling game (yet), but still cool that it could be done!

I think it’s cool! Though more some tech demo than a playable game.

You can find another good realtime raytracer in java here: http://www.codeberry.com/projects/raytracer.html

(done by Remon van Vliet)