BubbleRacer 2005

Hi everybody, I thought this game deserved a different topic from bubbleracer4k, since they will become more and more different as time goes by…

So, those interested in real time raytracing can now test a preview of bubbleracer2005 here : http://www.vlsolutions.com/free/bubbleracer2005/bubble2005.jnlp

EDIT : this link runs 2.5 times faster on my PC http://www.vlsolutions.com/free/bubbleracer2005/bubble2005_servervm.jnlp (it uses the server vm, but hangs if not found in the JRE)

current differences compared to br4k :

  • ground texturing (key switch is ‘t’)
  • multi resolution (key is ‘r’)
  • full screen exclusive ( 640x480, 32bits, 60 Hz only… will update it later if vertical frequency is a problem).
  • shadows, reflections

I’m currently thinking about the following evolutions :

  • dual player game (collect the bubbles before your partner)
  • bouncing and jumping to reach soap bubbles (refraction is implemented)
  • burst mode for ultra-fast speed
    … and more levels :wink:

And if someone is interested, I’ll publish the source code (which is not something I’m proud of - I have written code before thinking of it :slight_smile: ).

I’m waiting for your remarks (and your framerate).


160x120 = 18fps
320x240 = 5.6 fps
640x480 = 1.4 fps

terrain on.
server JVM 1.4.2_03

AthlonXP 2100+ (1.74Ghz)

hey doesn’t work for me , I have a blank screen for half a second and then it exits, probably something wrong when initializing fullscreen.

160x120 = 13 fps
320x240 = 4 fps
640x480 = 1 fps

terrain on, regular 1.5 vm. Couldn’t get the server vm link to work

heh heh the reflections/shadows are cool! I get about 20fps, server vm isn’t working here. I don’t know what the resolution was, I guess it was at 640x480… looked much higher res than the 4k version. Athlon64 2600+.

edit: 2800+ I don’t even know my own processor speed :o

Hmm. If you’re not sure how to do full screen mode selecting, you shouldn’t hardcode it but should make it an option instead.

It crashes out with an exception “can’t change screen mode”. This is a problem quite a few authors have - they try to write naive mode-change code and it then doesn’t work on lots of PCs.

160x120 = 14.5fps
320x240 = 4.1 fps
640x480 = 1.0 fps

terrain on.
server JVM 1.4.2_03

Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz

Including mine… :’(

worked for me…

But i dont have awsom HW, so i only got 16FPS on the lowest res.

The server VM didn’t give me any frame increases…I did run it for 3 minutes


160 x 120 , 11 fps 1.4.02 1.4 ghz.
great stuff. Its only a pity that in order to get it to run realtime so many compromises have to be made quality wise.


EDITED: All right, I have included an optional full screen mode…

About the server vm, on Windows, in order to use it, you need :

  • jre 1.5 (the one whiwh includes JWS)
  • jdk 1.5 with server vm (check if directory JAVA_HOME/jre/bin/server).

then, you copy the server dir to the bin dir of the JRE (program files/java/…)

It would be nice if server vm was shipped with JRE… (or did i miss something ?)

Another subject : I was thinking about implementing the raycasting algorithm on the GPU via GLSL or CG (just to see wat happens). Have you ever experimented that kind of thing ?


160x120 25 fps
320x240 7 fps
640x480 2.3 fps

Windowed mode - terrain ON.
No server vm used.

Running an AMD 3000+.
Looks really good in 640x480 :slight_smile:

About the shader use, it could be done, but would restrain your game to high-end graphic cards. A lot of people have powerfull CPUs but medium-ranged video card… But well, it could be fun to do !
You could even use the cpu AND the graphics card, giving something to render to the graphic card while the cpu do some works on rendering too…