Breaking the Tower

Hi. This is my entry for Ludum Dare 12.

Play it here. =)

Thanks for putting up a screenshot. Your new game definitely looks nice!
(as for gameplay, I cant try it now because I’m at work, so hopefully I’ll remember to give it a shot tonight)

Lots of fun ;D

really really good. Took me a while to find how to break the tower.

Excellent game. I’m still trying to break the tower. Nevertheless, the sound is strange and I can’t cut it.

Hey found a glitch right away by accident. I think the game is paused or something (I just started), but I put down a mason building, then after realizing its use wanted to delete it to put it closer to the rocks. I clicked to delete, and was refunded but because they building hadn’t been built yet it didn’t destroy it. So after rapid clicking for like 15 seconds I have 500 rocks.

Hmm, it leads to further problems. The game won’t start up at all, then suddenly does but only via sounds. Then my entire browser is frozen and both my processors are being used up.

It only seems to start once I try to close the window, and then freezes my browser.

Mac OS X 10.5
Java 5
Intel Core Duo 2.0 ghz
2gb RAM
Safari browser

Simply excellent game and implementation. Very enjoyable. Started playing this late at night when I was pretty tired and kept me addicted enough to finish.

Pixel art is well done, as is the rest of the retro feel, but the spinning island gives you some nice “eye candy” to look at, even if you could mostly play the game from one angle.

I maaybe wish I could have a bit more control over functions, esp when I ended up locking out my wood supply after building too many barracks (whenever I had wood, another warrior was trained, so I couldn’t get enough supplies to build another woodcutter, a somewhat recursive problem I had to solve by selling a barrack; thus ability toggle/command unit training would be nice). But really, I could manage everything eventually, and I could see that it was meant as a more suggestive game (Black & White style, almost) rather than a strict micromanagement one, which has it’s own benefits to the game’s playability and perspective.

Anyway, you’ll also be happy to hear I found no bugs here :slight_smile: I also recalled selling buildings in “scaffolding state” without any issues, but did not try the mason one specifically (as reported by above poster). And of course no lockups/freezes either. The laptop I’m on is a 2.0 ghz core 2 duo with 2gb of ram also, but has Java 6, Windows XP Home, and is using Firefox.

So once again, great work, hope you can get those bugs resolved, and look forward to seeing any additional posts from you in the future. :slight_smile:

Yeah Settlers like game, I love that ;D.

No bug for me, really well done. And For me too, it take me a while to find out how to break the tower.

1:42:10 with a score of 6008 :stuck_out_tongue:

100% of one CPU after the title screen came up in FF3 (Vista 32, 6.0u7), no Java stuff working but FF still responding fine. Even the Java console wasn’t repainting :frowning:

Cas :slight_smile:

i like the style/feel, reminds me of yoshis island. im confused as to what im meant to be doing though.

I like it, still trying to break the tower.

A bug for me, my first barracks don’t give me warriors. After built it, it still show 0/0. Other barracks works well.

Another point, I have ten to twenty peons without brains that still want to get rock from the little island on south east.

Finishef : 58:38 Score : 10475
Thanx for that hour of play :wink:

Nice game! Finished it in little over one hour. Settlers is really not my kind of game but this one was simple enough.

Two things:
The rotation make me think the island is like a bowl.

After finishing I started selling all my woodcutters and planters. Suddenly the game slowed to maybe 1 fps. I had maybe 50 peons not knowing what to do. As soon as I built a woodcutter near them it became faster again.

I finished the game in 2:25:46, score: 4211. Sometimes, peons seem to try to reach the islands whereas it is not possible and there is something to do closer. Fine game :smiley:

Ack, it’s a shame there are bugs… I can’t really fix them since it’s outside the 48 hour period we had to make the game.
Thanks for the feedback. =)

Here’s a timelapse of me writing the game.

Just tried the game.
MP, you sir have produced a game in 48hrs thats better than a lot of games produced by software houses over a period of years. Well done!

(I just can’t get enough of that rotating map!)

No it is not a shame.

I agree with that, it is an excellent game and it’s amazing, you did it in only 48 hours!!! ;D

Wow, now that’s a compliment.
Thank you! =)

Why weren’t the trees animated?

Lol! Only joking! Good fun to play and a brilliant achievement in 48 hours.

Any chance of more maps?

1:03:00 9742 ;D

A very nice game indeed! I didn’t notice any bugs and I had a great gaming experience. I would love to see more of this kind of games.