Brainstorming audio-with-java site or e-zine

My wife has some e-magazine editing experience but is looking for more, I have my toes in the water with cloud servers, am wanting more. I’m mulling the possibility of launching some sort of site or service that specializes on fun things or game-oriented things one can do or build with Java audio. Articles MUST be sound related. But topics could include things ranging from how to build a proper GUI knob for a virtual synth to creating interactive soundscapes to interfacing with platforms like LWJGL or Android. It would require contributions from various programmers. I can write an a couple things such as basics of Clip and SourceDataLine, based on trouble-shooting I’ve done at StackOverflow on the JavaSound tag, maybe even a bit on FM synthesis. But it would be good to have a lot wider range than what I’m qualified to write about.

Thoughts on what such an endeavor might require and pros/cons on the various forms it could take? Subscription based? Ad-revenue based? Donation based? What format is easy to read? I find magazines like that provided by Oracle a bit off-putting, but maybe that sort of thing is acceptable. Blogs can be confusing to navigate. I kind of like that Medium shares revenue with it’s writers but I don’t anticipate this subject niche having to have a whole lot of subscribers.

This is really preliminary and could easily evaporate, but I am finding myself coming back to thinking about this, repeatedly.

Patreon perhaps?

Yes, well worth considering Patreon.

Maybe Patreon income (e.g., after covering site hosting expenses) can also be designated for compensating authors of content. I don’t see being able to write all the articles that I’d like to see available.