Bomb Blocks

Hi all,

Deep breath now…

OK, here goes. This is a Tetris clone - with bombs - called Bomb Blocks. It’s my first ever game and first (alpha) release of it in any way, shape or form to the public.

Simply unzip the archive to a destination of your choice and run the jar file in the Bopmb Blocks directory. Instructions and miscellany are included in the README.txt in the same directory.

Happy to hear any feedback, good, bad, ugly, but as long as it’s productive.


  • no music
  • there should be an instant down button
  • couldn’t alt+tab or minimize the game

Yeah well… it’s just essential in a puzzle game, or else it feels like playing a puzzle game in purgatory :smiley:

well in tetris and similar games one button pushes a block all the way down
now I have to hit down like 50 times for each block

Instant down is very essential in tetris game. We’re pursuing high score but no much poin gained by creating combo so we need to save up the time (and fingers).
Or you could compose your own using Musescore or something…

Edit: I copied those links off another post here:

Or make it yourself with bfxr and musagi.

The link for the zip version does not work (although I could find and download it manually).

When I click “Start game” I get:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Requested value -136.00902 smaller than allowable minimum value -80.0.
        at javax.sound.sampled.FloatControl.setValue(Unknown Source)
        at blocks.MediaManager.setVolume(

After I set music volume to 0 in the configurations I was able to play it.

About the game itself, it plays well. However I don’t like that you use the keyevents to control movement.
When I press “right” I want it to go right all the way, instantly, not that “1 step right… wait a few milliseconds… then all the the way right”. You can do that checking if a key is pressed, and not treating events (and that’s the way most games do).

The background and the gray bricks around are not very appealling. maybe you can add some stuff just to make it brighter or happier.
for example, Tetrinet has a somewhat random image in the background… not a work of art, but definetely better than plain black:

Maybe you should replace the bricks for something else, the gray bricks all over just make me sad :frowning:

anyway, good work on finishing a game!