Board Game on Intranet

Hello, java developers! Im a 4th year Computer Science Student from the Philippines, Im currently Developing a board game and i think im finished with the game proper. Now I want to extend it that it can be played in an Intranet envirom ment. The point is I dont know where to start in network programming, I need help on it. Some advice or may be codes will help.

Thank you in advance.

Do you have any experience with networking via Java? If not, some good background here:

I’ll be interested in seeing what folks post as an answer. I’m sure their answers will be more helpful. But no one else has answered yet, and you might find it interesting to poke around with the few things I do know about.

I’m reading an older game programming book by Brackeen (Developing Games in Java), and there is a chapter (chapter 6) on multiplayer. He seems to make a lot of use of JDK 1.4 NIO libraries. The book might be available used, for cheap. I found mine at a local Half-Price books.

I haven’t gotten to this chapter yet. Am curious if others think that this approach is still a good one, and what might have taken its place.

I have looked over some code from a friend that made a web-based variant of “Snake”–where the backend uses Java EE Servlets technology. But I don’t think Servlets are being used for games very often. The overhead for Servlets is higher than for just adding an NIO layer, both in terms of coding and in what one has to learn in support.

Thanks! uhm could you show me some examples and how it works?? I have read some about java networking but im having a problem in undrstanding it. PLEASE

I’m watching DesignsBeZephyr on YouTube and pretty much stealing his UDP client and server. theChernoProject is also doing networking. I just wrote my first chat program yesterday in about an hour after I googled networking stuff.

A board game do not require a low-latency server, you could develop it with any technology you want.

You only need to implement a basic TCP server. I would start with this if I were you:

You might also want to use something already done for you like NAGA:

try this…java socket programming