Blue Saga

Hi everyone!

I’m developing a 2D rpg online game about pirates in Java, with the help of the LWJGL and Slick libraries (thanks Kevin Glass for the awesome tutorials). I’ve come a long way and here is video showing v0.4 of the game:


About the game:
The game I’m making takes inspiration from Zelda, the One Piece anime and the Pokémon-games.
The main concept is you will have boats that enables you to travel the seas and discover new islands. You will have different reputations with the different creature families, making your actions change your options in what quests are open to you. You will be able to create pirate crews with friends, having a pirate flag of your own.

There will be plenty of creatures in this game, and like in pokémon they will have their unique set of abilities and stat modifiers. All creatures can wear their own equipment, both players and monsters. Monsters can go from being aggro to give you quests depending on your reputation.

New intro added!

When creating a new character, a new intro is shown, which shows the background story of your character. So depending on which character you choose, it will be featured in the movie =D

New random bosses!

When a monster respawn there is a chance for it to become a “gloomy” with special powers depending on its color. In addition to that there is a small chance for it to become a colossus! These monsters are huuuge and have enormous power and mighty abilities which require whole crews to take them down. They also have a higher chance to drop rare loot.

New abilities with animations!
Added a new animation system so all abilities have their own animations which added a lot of fun to the gameplay.

All creatures now have butts!

Yes! Finally! Now you can see monster butts everywhere! This is not only a graphical improvement, but also a gameplay mechanic. Monster now have a sense of direction and can be sneaked when they are not looking, critical hits are dealt when backstabbing!

Crafting added!

Introduced the first crafting elements in the game, which lets you collect recipes and ingredients which then can be made into stuff at different crafting stations, like this duck making larva soup at a bonfire.

New areas and monsters added!
The map has expanded to the north where a wicked witch has taken control of its inhabitants. Be careful when exploring these lands.

Removed premium!
After a lot of feedback from players, I decided to remove the premium feature, so now emoticons and barber shop are free for all! If you want to support the game, you can always buy item skins.

Music released on spotify, itunes and plenty of other channels!
After many requests we have uploaded the music from the game on spotify, itunes and other channels so you can enjoy the music while not in the game.

New launcher
The updater now shows latest changes and has a nice background.

This looks pretty neat! :smiley:

Im curious about further development of this project :).
Also, just out of curiosity, are you using tcp or udp?


It is TCP, just learned how to use Java sockets this christmas so I am quite new to network-programming, but all seems to work fine for the moment. I establish a connection between the server and client first, creating a thread for each client. Then the client has a listener for data sent from the server, and the server listens for data sent from the clients.

Wow the game already looks polished with neat, eye-catchy graphics! Did you draw everything yourself?

Wow… just wow. Keep up the impressive work man!

Thanks! Yes I do the graphics myself in Photoshop Pencil Mode. I used to draw a lot before I started programming, I’m quite new to pixelart but I think I am getting better at it.

Thank you! I am working every hour of my free time on this, and I hope people will like it, if not I will listen to what you guys have to say and improve it.

This is looking great! Loving the art and the concept as whole.

Superb work! :slight_smile: Just watched the whole way through a video (rare for me) and it looks great. Also love that you’re not afraid to show bugs as they’re found - open development process ftw!



Looking really nice so far! I can’t wait to try it out.

Thank you! The concept is a bit vague so far, my goal is to make it centered around the creatures at first, like the pokémon games, but I am also inspired by the anime One Piece, where all pirates compete to get different treasures.
Then I have started working on the bounty-system that I can use for real interesting things later on I think.

Haha cool, yeah it’s quite impossible to record a whole video without a nasty bug jumping out and tickling you.
Big fan of your work between!

Thanks! I will post a link to the client as soon as I have a more stable version and with a little bit more content.

One thing though,
I understood from your video that you are sending the map and mob movement via the server. Wont you need quit a strong server+internetconnection if many people will join for this? :yawn:

Since the world is split up into areas of 50x50 up to 150 x 150 tiles, I only send monster and player movements to players in the same area. The area is sent when entering the map. The monsters are moved once every 2 seconds if non-aggro, once every half second if aggro. So I think the amount of data is not much. But you’re right, if I get a 1000 players on the same server then it will become a lot of data and my poor old mac mini won’t be able to process all of it. I live in Sweden, so the internet connections are quite good. I have a 100 Mbit down and 10 Mbit up line at home. If that is not enough my brother has a 100/100 Mbit.

Wow that artstyle looks great! Keep up the good work!

Thanks! Got some feedback on the roof of the tavern, it looks more like a brick wall, will fix that.

Working on a system to show off your crew to other players without making the screen to busy when there are many players around. My idea is that the crewmembers are hidden by default, but when holding shift, the crewmembers are shown. If you’re standing still, the crewmembers are standing around the captain, but if you move, they follow the captain like a cute little snake.

Here is a video showing it in action:

Looks so good! Let me play!

Wow! Super-keen. I was immediately hooked by the look. Can’t wait to give it a try, and see where you’re going with the gameplay.

Neat! love the art.


I’m currently struggling with the dungeon generator, but I think I am gonna skip my solution.
I have looked at Kevglass’s dungeon generator and it seems nice, I just can’t figure out how the walls are placed. I get the rooms with floors and I can see where the doors are located. But when I place walls at the outer tiles of the room, the doors don’t align well with the room. Oh well, I will try some more. and post a screenshot if I succeed.

Done some more work on the game:

  • Added a dungeon generator for Sewers
  • Updated the user interface for a more pixelated look
  • Fixed a whole bunch of serious bugs related to the battle system
  • Added colors to the battle-log so you can easier see what afflicts your creatures and the enemies
  • Changed the perspective indoors, instead of zelda wt*-perspective I chose top-down so it fits the creatures better

Here is a screen of the updated UI in the battle screen:

Darkened the sewers, no real lightning at the moment, just a glow to make the field of vision smaller and the dungeon more scary to explore: