Hey folks!

This is my first ‘game’ in Java. I have a background of mostly C and C++, and haven’t used Java since back in college. Despite that, LWJGL was really easy to get up and running. It’s a nice interface to OpenGL.

My programming plans were shortened by Thanksgiving here in the States, so this isn’t as finished as I was hoping for it to be. I think it still qualifies for the ‘moving box’ criteria though :slight_smile: Right now it’s just an overactive 2d verlet sim, mostly.

Packaged .zip ( is here. The .sh is untested, but should work as long as java is in your path.

I also put up an applet, although I’m not sure if it works - I seem to have screwed up the Java browser plugin on my computer. Let me know if it runs for you.

it ran, but I am not really sure what was supposed to be happening?

Like I said, it’s not a whole lot more than a bunch of boxes (and a couple of ropes) bouncing around. :slight_smile:

You can attract objects by left-clicking, but that’s about it for interaction.

The applet ran fine. Hehehe I got goosebumps just looking at those moving things. It felt like I was watching micro-organisms moving around… :S

looks like a nice start, physics seem to look cool.

The applet version also ran fine here.

ran fine :slight_smile: i got goosebumps from the domain name in combination with the fact that i was loading dlls :smiley:

Working good in Safari on my MacBook Pro here.

Works fine on my Windows 7 machine. Left clicking does some force field thing and waving the cursor about definitely imparts some energy into the shapes. I particularly liked the squiggly line object. Waiting for the next version, when hopefully the gameplay will be clearer. :slight_smile:

Made a bit more progress on this, so I thought I’d post a new version.

zip (

Still not a whole lot going on gameplay-wise, but getting this far has helped some ideas coalesce, so it should get a bit more interesting soon :smiley:

I do like the physics :slight_smile:
you could make the thing move faster, it accelerates really slowly (atleast on my computer, windows 7 64 bit)

Coo, very abstract. Reminds me of Everyday Shooter. Desperately needs sound! (And a game ;))

Cas :slight_smile: