Blindfire - Alpha

I present Blindfire, a 2D top-down shooter in which several players cooperate to fight waves of enemies. As most enemies can’t be killed by a single player, and some are invisible to those who can kill them, communication between the players is neccessary in order to survive.
The game requires at least two players, each with a smartphone, and uses bluetooth to connect smartphones. It currently has 30 levels, several achievments, and the graphics and UI are customizable.

I would appreciate feedback and ideas for the game, and can be reached at .
A link to the play store

A screenshot of the game:

the concept is cool but a game that require 2 players? Really hard to find :frowning:

I like the concept as well.
Looking people to play over internet would be easier.

I am loving your creativity man, this is a great idea no doubt.
I have a proposition for you add me on skype @ CodyzOrrz or PM me.

but to stay on-topic:

here is an idea i have for your game.

1.Single player minigames (if you dont want a campaign of some sort)
A. Would increase the amount of total players (considering it really is kinda hard for some to find partners).
B. Increase the amount of faults/bugs found within the cores of the engine. (because of more players)

I like this idea, you can play it with your friend locally, like good old days, if i got it right :persecutioncomplex: