Bike 4K

Just posted my game. You can play it at:
Much thanks to the Java4k site organizers and the compile N shrink service. It was almost too easy to shrink and submit a game. I had many left over bytes this year.

Nice clean graphics style. I crashed on Lvl 2. Maybe continually pressing “go faster” isn’t a winning strategy :smiley:
The rocks on level 3 reminded me of going mountain biking in the Colorado mountains (a long time ago now - how time flies)
Once or twice on a retry I couldn’t see any remaining coins. Can they get positioned above the screen?

Glad you liked the graphics. Yes the coins can be above the screen if the terrain is close to the top of the screen. You can watch the scrolling intro to see where they are located.

Cute looking but runs really really badly on osx.


What was the issue on osx. It ran very smoothly on my mac mini. Is it maybe the keyboard handling. I noticed that on some machices PC or mac when space is hit to jump whilst the right arrow key is down the right arrow key gets a key release event. Does any one have a solution to this. So for example I get right arrow down, space down, space up, right arrow up even though the right arrow key has not been released. The work around for now is to release and repress the arrow key but if this is the problem reported by Kevin it is very anoying.

Using space and arrows is a bad idea due to machine hardware limitations. Something about the keyboard bus can’t handle it on some computers. Using Ctrl works much better.

However, that has nothing to do with any slow down issues. ::slight_smile: That’s more likely a pack200 issue or something.

Thats awesome! Runs very smooth and great graphics! An idea is that the biker could jump/fly a bit higher when cycling over hills or rocks.