Beta (?) testing for ToneCircleDrone

I am wondering if there is a “musician” (amateur okay) Java coder willing to volunteer time to help beta test a program that I wrote and hope to release soon on The emphasis would be to check over the GUI.

Tone-Circle-Drone is a tool to help develop one’s intonation skills, but also can be used as an accompanying sound source for practicing or playing.

It’s scope includes:

teaching the ability to pick out (hear) harmonics from a complex tone, especially the fundamental from the overtones;
teaching the ability to distinguish equal-temperament intervals from “perfect” and well-tempered intervals;
using as a practice tool, with many features beyond current tools used for drone practice.

The tunings incorporated include:

equal temperament
“Just” intonation (integer ratios)
“first matching harmonic”
Well-Temperaments used in period music:
Indian shruti system

I’ll be checking folks in music theory and ear-training domains for much of the testing and review. But I think it would be really helpful to have someone with a good feel for GUIs (Swing in this case) to give it a go.

Please reply or message me if you are interested.

Sounds impressive, I would help if I had any kind of musical knowledge. Good luck!

Project has moved along considerably.
I now have an 18MB setup exe (installs a 74MB runtime).
Been hard at work on supporting website documentation.

I’d be happy for a simple checking out of the project–make sure GUI works well.

I am checking with people more deeply into music theory for the theory-based content. But they don’t have the same expertise on user interfaces or knowledge of Java’s strong and weak points.

I can offer code-reading and beta testing in return, as well as assistance with sound programming (and use or modification of AudioCue library).


Hi Phil,

I wouldn’t mind testing the UI (can spare a few hours). However, you made it in Swing. Do you want someone skilled in Swing or does experience with JavaFX suffice?
(oh, and my hearing isn’t that great anymore, nor are my musical skills, so if that’s of any importance, i’m afraid I won’t be able to help).

Thanks BeeAware! I will PM the download link to you.

I am mostly thinking in terms of the basic user experience, not anything specific to Swing or JavaFX. Much appreciated!