Best route to take for a 3D Android/IOS game

I’ve just completed my first 2D game using LibGDX(it actually started out with Slick2D) for Android and I plan to complete the IOS version soon. I didn’t find it very difficult to do, and I would like to get into 3D game development.

Is Blender/LibGDX a good route to take, or should I try something else like Unity, or maybe JMonkey? Is JAVA the best choice, or should I pick up something like C/C+ or maybe C#?

I’ve actually already began to learn a little bit about Blender, but I want to make sure I’m going in the correct direction.

Point me in a direction.

It doesn’t matter what direction you take or what language because ultimately it is up to you to decide what you are comfortable with. Do you like Java? If so, stick with it. C++ is said to be faster, and while that may be true in some cases, it’s not the reason I would use it for game development. I would use it for game dev purely because of the memory management, there are times I would like to be able to manually clean up objects. However, I like Java for everything else, so I primarily use it for games.

The other thing you have to consider is that no matter what language you use, you still have to pick between OpenGL and DirectX. Those are basically the two graphics libraries you’ll end up using, so pick one and stick with it. OpenGL is great because you can deploy to so many more platforms.

Your question doesn’t have an answer simply because it’s up to you. As a developer, you need to research and decide what you want to do. Someone on here might tell you to use say python, but you don’t want to. Guess what? That’s fine because it’s your opinion. Every developer has preferences, you just have to know when those preferences cloud your ability to program well and efficiently. For instance, Visual Basic isn’t going to be a good idea for game dev (obviously). But if you choose a language like C++ or Java or C or whatever, then that’s fine because they are made to handle the kind of situations that are presented to you in game development.

Just something to think about when you decide.


I agree with most of what opiop65 said. LibGDX has a 3D API, JMonkeyEngine 3 supports iOS (this is very recent). You’re on JGO, don’t expect us to encourage you to use other languages than Java to create games. We can’t point you to a precise direction, we can only make some suggestions. It depends on where you are and when you want to go as I explained here.