Bending Techniques

Please vote for my entry to the JGO 2009 Comp on the
theme BENDING.

It gets interesting after level 5. You have 20 levels to play with!
The first are very easy, but they are trainer levels.
Check my thread for details.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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Edit: Made reference to the number of levels … might be an impression
that it is too easy …

Yeah,…this one is really cool! Actually I’m stuck in level 6 but will give it a try after work again :smiley:


Controls are a bit wierd feeling - sluggish maybe. The game mechanics are cool though, was quite entertained and engrossed play through.

Good job!


A bit buggy, but some great level design. (Although level 11 was disappointing - isn’t it an easier version of level 6?)

I loved the clay duke ;D
With a lot of polishing this could be a great puzzle game.

Lots of fun, the puzzles are fiendishly clever. You’ve got a real knack for making a great difficulty curve and keeping things fun and fresh. My only gripe is that the levels seemed to take a very long time to load. But I loved the look of it all.

I agree with the loading time. I can’t imagine why would it take so long to load .
Anyway, the game feels good, reminds me of sokoban , or that old Snes game “Goofy Troop” .
Just need a little polish in the graphicsto make it feel really good .
Good work !

Good fun, I got stuck on the fiendishly difficult level 12. A little confusing at first but works well - good use of Duke too.

I whether it would play better if you couldn’t push water/fire/etc. into Dukes of the wrong colour. A couple of levels would need replacing, but there are others where I’m sure the way you’re supposed to do it requires a lot more thought than an easy solution involving stopping them against a spare Duke.

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start fine

bending ?
no sound
no polished