Behind the wall of sleep

Hello fellows.

Last few months weren’t easy. I had a lot work to do and not so much time, but finally i finished my game.
Look for “Behind the wall of sleep” on

Have a nice fun

Helping fellow people by posting link:

What i like about these games is the amount of stuff you can exploit (And it’s exactly what makes it fun, like speedrunning Sonic 3 & Knuckles).
For instance, i jumped on the head of that square box thing, went back in time, stopped right on the point where it adds more momentum, and it skyrocketed me:

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Anyways, cool game!

Quite a hard game, but this is very fun, original and well executed. I’m really curious to see the end of it.

Thanks for trying my game.

I will fix the problem as fast as it will be possible.

… thanks for medal, now I have noticed:)

Java4K judge here, before I finish rating your game: how do you get past the monsters after the 2nd door? :slight_smile:

Amazing game btw, this is definitely in my top 10.

  1. Avoid the first monster with the first ladder then climb the second ladder.
  2. From the top of the second ladder, jump ( and don’t just fall ) on the head of the first monster below you, and from there, on the head of the second monster - yes, it makes a big jump.
  3. Avoid the third monster with the third ladder.

this is correct solution:)
Thanks guys, this is very nice.

In previous version of this game shifting time was possible back and forward, but finally I decided to only to shifting time back, and instead of this add more levels.

Maybe in next year I will do this…:).