BeepingBoomBox sound effect generator

As a side project from eXo PAX I’ve worked today on a small tool in Java to generate sound effects, somewhat like SFXR. BeepingBoomBox is a small standalone Windows application (no Java installation required).

Current features (v0.4):

  • generate a wide range of sound effects in just one click using the presets!
  • intuitive editing of frequency and volume envelopes using drag & drop
  • mix sine, sawtooth, triangle, square and noise waveforms
  • refine the sound using echo, repeat effects and a filter
  • optional smoothing of the envelope lines for a nicer sound
  • export the result to a WAV file (different bitrates, stereo/mono, 16/8 bit) for use in your games or applications!
  • load & save sound settings for sharing with your buddies!

Some sounds generated with the current version: explosion, failure, bonus, and a machinegun.


You can download the tool on the following page:

For now I’m back to working on eXo PAX, but maybe I’ll add some more functionality later. Although it should not become much more complicated than it currently is. Have fun!