Battlestation Thread

What does your desk look like?

I’ll start:

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I don’t have a desk; I just sit in a comfy chair with my laptop on my lap.

edit: wessles was unhappy with the purple:

+1for laptops :slight_smile:

This thread again, huh?

I haven’t changed much from this picture, although I now have a laptop as primary in place of the keyboards and have the big monitor up and behind it.

I swear we have had this thread before, but now I cannot find it. I thought it was maybe just a very bad case of deja vu (with all the “what’s your current ____” threads roaming around) :frowning:

I would post a picture, except that I can barely see my monitors and keyboard past all my very important current projects (read: junk).


My small, dark, dusty cave.

Think of hell, take away 90% the fire and brimstone, and you have my desk.

Need a bigger desk. But my apartment is tiny xP

I have to admit that I cleaned it up before posting, otherwise it would be filled with paper, coke cans, and cat hair.

+1 for the “power rail” :point:

Tho, I dont call it “battlestation” ::slight_smile:

Didn’t clean it up…

Ergonomic keyboards are for NERDS. Real men use straight, lifeless, mechanical keyboards.
I’m in the process of moving, so when I’m all set up y’all can see my sick apartment in newfoundland

Compact, but it gets the job done! :slight_smile:

Just crop the right 10% off, will ya.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


My allergies sneeze in your face. :emo: