Base Invasion


Hello, this is the second game I have worked on in my tiny gaming career and I thought it would be cool to try out a real time strategy game. It turns out I liked working on it a lot, and I wish I could go back and implement things that I could’ve in the beginning. This taught me a lot about planning for games now.

I made this game so I could learn a bit more about map generation, multitasking, and game AI. Anyway, here is the download:

All sprites and graphics were made by me(very badly), so I’m trying to get better at gfx.

Please give me any criticism that would help in future games. I’m still trying to find out good techniques, so this game might be too easy and pointless I guess.

How To Play:
Click on a unit to select it. Right click on friendly units lets you take you somewhere or act with another entity.
To spawn units, click on a building and press s.
Warriors stationed around barracks heal slowly.
Objective of the game: Destroy all enemy capitals.

It’s not bad programmatically, but I noticed a few problems that essentially rendered the game unplayable for me personally.

There are a few depth issues with buildings, (people appear under them, I used to solve this by drawing them higher than they are, e.g. their feet at their y value), and there were problems with clicking and giving commands.

To remedy the clicking/commands, I suggest broadening their click radius, displaying a notification they are selected, and also giving them a stack of commands to carry out. (You may already do this, but there seems to be no visual representation to alert me of this)

So all in all, add more visual notifications of what’s going on. I usually didn’t know which guy was selected, what they were supposed to do, nor what they actually were doing.

But overall, not bad man. Good job!

Alright! Thanks for the criticism! I’ll keep what you said in mind for the next RTS game I make.

I played the game, and the my problems with it are pretty much the same, overlapping etc.
It’s not bad overall. A bit more polish and it would be a decent game. Although the RTS is a dying art.

I actually had quite a lot of fun and got really into the game, good game so far! There were some bugs which I’m sure you know.

Selecting players was hard and you couldn’t tell which was selected.
Maybe have a drag and select for multiple units of the same type.

Have different enemies/bases different colours.

Show how much each unit/building costs.

As said above, draw the units above buildings(especially the farm)

Other than that I can’t think of any more bugs, fun game though! When it’s polished it’ll be great.

Thanks for the comments! I particularly tried to make this game because I had A LOT of fun playing Rise of Nations, Warcraft, and Age of Empires. But yeah, they aren’t really popular anymore.

Well, don’t forget that the sign of a good game is originality. Putting gameplay features present in every single more popular game doesn’t bring people in, what does bring people in though is features not present anywhere else. Never forget that man.

Then why are all the cod/mwf/fps popular? Nothin new other then GFX and some guns.

I really like the game has a lot of potential but needs some core RTS features in it.

Multi unit commands.
Indicators if a unit is selected.
More buildings/upgrades/content.
Better selecting controls
Over all more polish.

The graphics are fine and fit this style perfectly well. I love RTS and do not think it is dieing out. (Starcraft cough cough) People just like fps/rpg more.

Looks very “Breaking the Tower”-esque. I couldn’t build the structure, so that made it unplayable. How is it supposed to work?

I got confused at first, there needs to be clearer instructions.

Select a unit by clicking them and press b to build something, use the numbers 1-4 to select which type of building.
Select your base and press s to recruit new workers
Select a worker and right click somewhere to move them there or interact with it(workers will only cut wood/mine if there is a miningpost/lumber post nearby)
With the soldiers, select them and right click on an attackable object to attack it.
Use arrow keys to move the map around

Very messy instructions there, but hope it helps;)

Sorry for the inconvience as this was my second game. I’ll try to make things more clearer in my upcoming ones. :slight_smile:

I kinda like the graphics, its fun to play.
Only the buildings can be a little better.
But how to get food, i got no chance with my 3 warriors.

Well, there are still some bugs, one even crashing the program from time to time, cant find out when,
but all in all: very good work!

Oh, this was like one of my first 2D games. Thanks for posting though!

Maybe you could make the warriors return to their former location when they attack automatically?

The output when the game crashes…

Exception in thread "Thread-2" java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
        at java.util.Vector$Itr.checkForComodification(Unknown Source)
        at java.util.Vector$ Source)
        at java.util.Collections.sort(Unknown Source)
        at com.jantox.baseinvasion.Map.update(
        at Source)