B4llBasher - Zuma style game

So, this is my first 4k attempt, and the second Java game I’ve produced; B4llBasher


It’s a Zuma’s Revenge / Puzz Loop style game.

I’d love feedback on how it plays, difficulty, smoothness etc.

Play it here : Ballbasher on J4k

The idea is simple, clear the balls before they go down the hole at the end. Three or more of the same colour will explode. Like colours attract. Chain reactions multiply your score. Powerups can rewind or destroy balls.

There are 15 levels, and your progress is saved every 5.


Nice game, played it until level 5.

I had some performance issues. Sometime my ball flew through the ball (I think because of the lag).

Thanks for playing. I haven’t been able to try it on many different configs, but I suspect the scanline-effect is slowing the game down too much for Java2D on certain machines.

I will make another version without it and see if it plays better.

Edit: Ok, I uploaded a version with a cap on the deltatime - balls shouldn’t jump through others regardless of how slow the system gets. Also removed the scanline effect and it seems a lot smoother.

I love this game…remember playing this for 13 hours on the plane ride to Taiwan.
Good to see that the b4lls are lighted and not just purely g.fillOval().

Thanks! Zuma also soaked up large amounts of my life on long train journeys :stuck_out_tongue:

I did have nicer looking balls but ran out of bytes (not something to say to females :persecutioncomplex:)


Anyone else have performance issues? I’d really love some feedback, negative or positive… Right now I’m assuming my game totally sucks for gameplay and burns everyones machines to the grounds!

Great little game!
Performance-wise, the game consumed ~ 95% of my CPU, but it ran perfectly.

No performance issue on my computer. Your game doesn’t seem to consume more CPU power than most of the ones participating to this contest.

I don’t know the original games ( Zuma’s Revenge and Puzz Loop ) so I can’t make any comparison with them, but I found your gameplay very good. Which is quite rare for a 4K game submission. Good job !