B-Team needed for NOKORIWARE

Hello everyone,

I’m part of a team with theagentd that we call NOKORIWARE. We have a website here: www.nokoriware.com

We’ve been developing We Shall Wake and an engine alongside it, but about a three weeks or so ago I made a small little 2D game while I was sick. It took around a week and a half to make all of the features the game will need. That said, I’m so busy with our other projects that I won’t have time to complete it with content and a story.

I’d like to request one to two novice to amateur programmers to join the team and complete this game. It’s a blend of Pokemon/Harvest Moon/Dwarf Fortress.

The only experience you’ll really need is atleast a years worth of Java, and knowing your way around the language somewhat. You’ll need to know what APIs are and how to use them.

This could be a good opportunity for some of you to work in a team environment, along with the fact you’ll get a cut of whatever we make off of this game. We have a full team of artists/marketers/writers that you’ll have at your disposal too that you can learn from.

All of this said, please note we can’t pay you a regular check or anything like that at the moment. This is definitely directed at hobbyists who usually like to work alone, but anyone can join up with us if you’re willing to put in a bit of time.

I hope to hear from some of you, you can contact me at: