Hey programmers.

I need a nice audiotool, so I want to ask what audiotool you´re using, for example to create and edit noises for a game.
I found some Shareware only and want a free tool that never expires or anything else.
Just a good tool to work with which is free.

Thanks in advance

If you have a digital voice recorder or some other way to get a starting sound, audacity is great

Actually, it looks like the latest version can do some tone generation as well.

If you want to do all kinds of audio related stuff, you’ll need a lot of different tools such as synthesizers, trackers, wave editors (like Audacity), and encoding tools.

Audacity is very nice and you’ll need it for various small tasks like BGM loop mastering. I wrote a small tutorial about this btw: How to Create BGM Loops with Audacity

Also take a look at sfxr if you’re interested in retro sfx:

If you haven’t done any music yet, check out some trackers. Tracker modules are pretty small and playback doesn’t need much CPU, which makes 'em very suitable for downloadable games.

If tracking isn’t your thing you can try some synth stuff. ReBirth2 is free nowadays for example. It’s not that powerful/flexible, but relatively easy to use.

Well, Rebirth is a pretty good starting point. Nowadays I’m using an outdated version of Orion most of the time. Orion is rather cheap compared to other solutions… $99 for the Pro version and $199 for the Platinum one.

Of course there are also free synth thingies like Buzz, but their interface is usually pretty awkward.

Thank you
This one is really free. Seems to have some options.
I guess this should be enough for creating and working on my sounds for the game.
But why does it not record my output from a java-midi-program ?
I set Recordsettings to StereoIn and played the music with my java-program, but
it only recorded silence!?!

Maybe you need to set the record source to stereo out instead of stereo in?
Stereo in is typically the input jack of your sound card, while you actually want to record what’s being played on the output.