Audio Input Capabilities With LWJGL?

Salutations :slight_smile:

Me and kpars are working on MERCury, and we were planning out all the features we want, and thought about audio input (pitch, volume, etc). We have key-input, mouse-input, so why not?

I decided to look into it and found ALC11, which seems to be an audio input device! A quick google search, unfortunately, brought up nothing.

So here we are. Any leads, people?

- Team Alluminum

As far as I know, OpenAL has nothing to do with audio input, only audio output. I emphasize as far as I know.

I got the impression that it was a sort of (concrete) interface to implement some of the audio device interactions of the underlying OpenAL context. In fact more specifically the context features added in OpenAL 1.1.