its pretty simple


left-right arrows to move side to side, hold and release up arrow to fire cannon.

i think it needs to get harder as time goes on, but im not sure how, increasing the speed feels a little wierd.

i havent optimized at all yet, so there should be space for more features, i think.

nice, another cool 4k gameplay!

ps: a speed control possibility will be nice , no?

EDIT: after playing a little more, rather a up/down moving possiblity

Ooh, that’s pretty fun, and feels original. I like how with the very simple controls, you can get pretty complex gameplay, juggling the power charge meter, trying to keep track of how far up the missile thing is, and keeping the ship safe.

It’s relatively difficult at first until you figure it out, but then it gets too easy to stay interesting, like you say… I don’t have any suggestions on how to fix that.

updated it - should be a little harder now, also it doesnt go on forever, only lasts about 6 minutes.


i might try allowing up/down movement.

updated again, the hardness should be just right now.


ive got plenty of space left too, after just running it through progaurd.


Hmm I finished it also, but it was ridiculously easy. I moved around columns for a little while, then realized that if I sat in the 2nd-to-the-left column in the right place and didn’t move at all I would never get hit. All other 3 columns were actually dangerous and required using the blaster thing, but this one was perfectly safe.

Random luck?

I think you are right. I was playing around a bit and then got a phonecall and didn’t pay attention to the game for a while and when I looked back I was “out of hell” as well. Now I know why :slight_smile: Other than that it is a quite ok game.

yep it seems right ,I notice that too. maybe for debug purpose ?

Nice game.

The difficulty seems about right. And it’s much more of a challenge with the pitchforks added. I can’t finish it now.

Ive got plenty of space left, but i think i have mostly finished now, i added animated pitchforks to avoid and bats for some atmosphere, aswell as some simple sound.

applet is:

webstart is: