Art section

Would be nice to have a section dedicated for artwork. Cause I wanna show off my mad skillz yo 8)

Nice, but wait, do you mean you want an asset store or something? Your tone seems like you want to make art and see it in others games, but I’m not sure.

You mean a “What I did today”-thread exclusively for artwork/content?
I support this! Keeps the “What I did today” thread cleaner from minor stuff and creates a place to show off your new models/sprites/levels etc. which in turn boosts motivation :slight_smile:

Not an asset store, just a place where we can share artwork for our games. In a sub section could be a learning place where art can be critiqued. Just that sort of thing, an Art section. It feels like this forum is only code but I feel art is such a huge chunk of what makes a game.

A running “what I artworked today” thread would be nice too, but in the artwork space.

Oh, I overread that! This would be a nice sub-category for the “Game Development” category.

It definitly would be a nice to have a place to share sounds, textures, models and so on.
Also it would be cool to be able to post WIPs or Showcases there.

A sketchbook section, like you’d find on or, would be good to have.


Here’s the what I drew today thread.


I’m fed up with those catch-all sections, “what I did today”, “what I drew today”, … What annoys me isn’t the content of those threads, I just think that those elements should be moved into separate per-project threads, I don’t see the interest of putting tons of things into 2 threads, it’s a mess. I prefer following the activities of the projects that I find interesting. Moreover, I prefer seeing the very early blueprints and artworks of a very young project in its dedicated thread instead of drowning its contents in “what I did today” & “what I drew today”. This is just my opinion, nothing more. Best regards.

@gouessej: These threads are supposed to catch the content that would otherwise not find a place to be shown, be it because the project is so small that it literally is just for “today”, be it because it is barely connected to what this page is for, just interesting in general, or be it for whatever other reason.

Creating a thread for something means creating a discussion (of whatever kind) about it. A discussion alwas has to stick to the topic and if necessary moves backwards to do so.
These threads are not discussions but conversations, which move forward.
They allow to slowly forget the initial topic if nobody brings it up again, while still not making everyone stop talking.

Some things are quite interesting, but not interesting enough to be worth discussing on their own, so there we have these ongoing conversations that allow anyone to bring anything up… for a moment.
It allows to contribute with anthing without being exposed to the feeling of “wait… is this thing I made really interesting enough to start a discussion/conversation about?”.