Ares game from Java 4K competetion?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to find Ares from the Java 4K competetion in 2006,

I’ve been searching but to no avail… :frowning:

Source code or just something that can be ran would be very nice.

Hi - Welcome to!

It’s a shame a lot of these links have gone stale. Hopefully someone who was involved in the organization of these contests can let us know if there are any additional archives where submissions where kept and if the games are in an accessible, usable state.

I tried a search on the game author’s name from the link, and hit a dead end there. But I was far from exhaustive in pursuing that angle.

Hello, I ran the 4K contest through 2007 which includes Ares. I found a copy of these games on an old harddrive which I’ve attached to this message. Ares in particular still works with java -jar ares.jar - at least on macOS. I do not have the source code.

Take care (1.7 MB)


I added the zip link here: All Java 4K (J4K) Games

There is also a link contains other j4k games, take a look if you interest.