Appreciations and Suggestions Concerning a Fresh Start

There is a considerable interest in the topic “Start Fresh”, and many people (like me) probably want to express their appreciation for the efforts taken by the admins to change things, but didn’t want to interrupt the tech talk either. Therefore I opened this kind of side-topic to give room for appreciations and suggestions in respect to a fresh start of the forum. Feel free to post whatever is on your mind, and show the admins, that you want this forum to keep going :slight_smile:

Beyond that, I wanted to restart the discussion on reasons for the decline of forum activity. I think, a fresh look is a good start, but that may have not been the only reason. So, besides happily waiting for the new look, we as community members could try to identify reasons for the decline, suggest possible solutions and gather arguments to keep the forum running.

Possible Reasons for the Decline

  • (C1) Outdated look
  • (C2) Reliability issues (down-times and general tech issues)
  • (C3) Declining relevance of Java in gaming/graphics industry (missing tools, C++ more relevant)
  • (C4) Topic “Java Gaming” too broad (ppl. rather consult forums of chosen game engine)
  • (C5) Forums are dead - long live the Discord!

Arguments, why this Forum is still relevant

  • (P1) Java still no. 1 programming language to teach programming in universities
  • (P2) Rich knowledge base for newcomers
  • (P3) Contact to people with general interests in Java gaming/graphics

Current suggestions/activities for a fresh start

  • (A1) Switch to modern forum software/look
  • (A2) Add an actual wiki?

These lists are in no particular order and I will extend them as we go.

I’d like to kick off the discussion by adding my own thoughts.

First of all: A big thank you to you guys, taking the responsibility and actually go through the process to change things besides your regular job!

For me, this forum was always the number one place to go to reach people and publish/discuss ideas and tools for Java gaming or graphics programming in general and not in respect to a particular engine. And I do not know about any other forum, having this exact topic and a community with that much experience.

What I always missed, or thought it would fit very well, is a place to gather information on Java gaming in a more orderly fashion, such as in a wiki. I’ve seen the page Java Gaming Resources (which has a lot of dangling links, btw.) and the Wiki topic, but I would like to see an actual wiki, were I could find articles more quickly and contribute my own findings, add updates and articles. For example, I’ve gathered a lot of information when I started teaching myself graphics programming in Java and I’ve recently written a brief tech-overview for the changes between former OpenGL and Vulkan etc…

In my opinion, the DNS name ( suggest exactly that and I think it would add value to the forum.